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We understand that safety and design is of paramount importance in minimising the impact of our works on local residents, adjoining buildings and the surrounding environment in general, particularly given the majority of our projects are in busy residential roads in and around central London. Following full investigation of the building, utility services, condition and neighbouring properties, we will provide guidance on the most suitable facade retention system we consider feasible.

Case Studies

Client: Bellis Homes

Location: Camden

Project Value: £350k

Duration: 25 weeks

Marine Ices, which has been at the foot of Haverstock Hill in Chalk Farm since 1931, is moving out to make way for a new development. Excel worked with Bellis homes to demolish the current building, but retain the facade.

In a technical design of facade retention, Excel worked with local authorities to navigate road closures in busy Camden and specialist crane companies to build this retention, which will be staying in place throughout the next phase of the project, building foundations and a basement.

Client: Private Developer

Location: The Grand, Leigh-On-Sea

Project Value: £2.1m

Duration: 39 weeks

Excel completed a full asbestos removal of notifiable material, using the quilling method for removing asbestos residue to walls. Excel then completed a full strip out of the existing building, and demolition of existing older extensions.

Temporary works through out the building, including small facade retention and forming of new openings followed the strip out.

The building required double underpinning to the rear and side walls for the new basement extension to the rear of the property, along with this a complete contiguous piled wall that now forms the new basement walls.

What Our Clients Say

I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into preparing and repainting the metal handrails in the garden centre. The building looks fantastic and is a wonderful source of support for the resident of Croydon to build confidences and celebrate the abilities of people with disabilities.

Croydon Council

Croydon Council

- Director of Operations

Factory HUB Company is professional, creative and concept from knowledgeable. Dwayne our designer was actual teachings the great explorer of the truth patient, know how to pursue pleasure accommodating and work.

City & Country

City & Country

- Managing Director

Having the enabling works within one package saved our team so much time – it left us to get on with the programme of works. The time saved actually saved us money on the budget.

Elmer Construction

Elmer Construction

- Managing Director

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