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Put simply, dilapidations are end of commercial tenancy landlord versus tenant disputes. More often than not, related to the breach of a tenants repairing obligations of a commercial property lease. Dilapidations typically include any reinstatement or repair works and redecoration that have not been completed by a tenant, usually at the end of their agreed lease period, and which constitute a breach of the terms of that lease.

Typically when a tenant fails to comply with their repairing and reinstatement obligations at the end of their lease the landlord is entitled to claim damages from the tenant responsible in the form of dilapidations. Dilapidations claims are usually based on the cost of the repairs and reinstatement works that the tenant should legally have completed prior to vacating the premises, plus any loss of rent for the period needed to complete those works. However, there is a statutory cap on the size of the landlords claim. Under Section 18(1) of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 the size of the landlords claim for damages is limited to the diminution in value to the landlord’s reversion caused by the tenants breaches of their lease.

Case Studies

Client: Private Developer

Location: The Grand, Leigh-On-Sea

Project Value: £2.1million

Duration: 39 weeks


Excel completed a full asbestos removal of notifiable material, using the quilling method for removing asbestos residue to walls. Excel then completed a full strip out of the existing building, and demolition of existing older extensions.

Temporary works through out the building, including small facade retention and forming of new openings followed the strip out.

The building required double underpinning to the rear and side walls for the new basement extension to the rear of the property, along with this a complete contiguous piled wall that now forms the new basement walls.

Client: ISG Interiors

Location: BBC Head Office

Project Value: £200k

Duration: 8 weeks.


Excel carried out the soft strip of multiple BBC offices and canteen areas, within a live office environment. Due to the intricacies of this 24hrs client, 80% of works carried out by Excel were out of hours, with tight logistical challenges for deliveries in and out. All security measures were carefully considered and planned for.

Client: Fitzpatrick Construction

Location: Chelmsford

Project Value £150,000

Duration: 12 weeks

Phase 1: Demolition of existing Nightclub in Chelmsford City Centre, dismantling the back half of the building and providing a temporary carpark for residents whilst waiting for approval on Phase Two.

Phase 2: Demolition of the remainder of the building, retaining a basement and key features of brickwork according to listing stipulations

Client: Ellmers Construction

Location: Biggleswade

Project Value: 400k

Duration: 12 weeks


Excel were instructed under Ellmers to complete the dismantling, soft strip and drainage works to units in a large, live industrial estate in Biggleswade.  Excel hoarded the designated areas and began works, first diverting the live water main and then carrying out the extensive soft strip over a 12 week period.

Excel then started the removal of 10 existing 1 – 4 story high steel frames with masonry infills, the areas covering 20,000m² in total.

The works included the removal of reinforced slabs and foundations up to 3m deep. Some of the buildings where carefully dismantled and reclaimed for reuse on another site.

The units marked for works were within a live industrial estate, and therefore extra care was taken in traffic management, noise control, noise pollution and air pollution. Excel were able to recycle 90% of materials removed from site.

Client: U & I

Location: Shepherds Bush Market

Project Value: £250k

Duration: 10 weeks


Excel carried out extensive strip out including removal of existing concrete floor to this historic site. With the help and design from Excel Waterproofing Contractors, Excel Demolition was responsible for the installation of new waterproofing and drainage to arch with exposed brick vaults.

The project included the installation of new utilities, power floated structural slab and new aluminium shopfront to building.

All works carried out within a live market, with approval and signs off from TFL of all works carried out.

Client: U & I

Location: Finsbury Park

Project Value: £350k

Duration: 14 weeks


Excel acted as principle contractor on this time and noise sensitive project. Excel was responsible for the isolation of existing services and then extensive soft strip of this commercial factory. The 15,000m2 factory space and 10,000m2 commercial offices were surrounded on each side by busy, live office environments, meaning noise and transport logistics were heavily considered and managed throughout the project.

What Our Clients Say

I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into preparing and repainting the metal handrails in the garden centre. The building looks fantastic and is a wonderful source of support for the resident of Croydon to build confidences and celebrate the abilities of people with disabilities.

Croydon Council

Croydon Council

- Director of Operations

Factory HUB Company is professional, creative and concept from knowledgeable. Dwayne our designer was actual teachings the great explorer of the truth patient, know how to pursue pleasure accommodating and work.

City & Country

City & Country

- Managing Director

Having the enabling works within one package saved our team so much time – it left us to get on with the programme of works. The time saved actually saved us money on the budget.

Elmer Construction

Elmer Construction

- Managing Director

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