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Excel was originally founded as a demolition and groundworks contractor, starting with domestic work and progressing further afield to sub-contract works, and now as principle contractor for developers. We carefully consider each demolition project, planning to our surroundings accordingly. We are experienced in highly populated inner city environments, quiet residential roads and close neighbouring occupied office buildings, taking all environmental impacts into consideration during planning and execution.

Case Studies

Client: Extra Space Solution

Location: Crawley

Project Value: £180k

Duration: 8 weeks


The project included the removal of notifiable and non-notifiable asbestos within a previous school building. Excel carried out the complete strip out and removal of steel frame building, with breaking out and removal of slabs and foundation within the 6 weeks half term, careful planning in the program of the works was needed for this time sensitive project.

Client: Ellmers Construction

Location: Biggleswade

Project Value: 400k

Duration: 12 weeks


Excel were instructed under Ellmers to complete the dismantling, soft strip and drainage works to units in a large, live industrial estate in Biggleswade.  Excel hoarded the designated areas and began works, first diverting the live water main and then carrying out the extensive soft strip over a 12 week period.

Excel then started the removal of 10 existing 1 – 4 story high steel frames with masonry infills, the areas covering 20,000m² in total.

The works included the removal of reinforced slabs and foundations up to 3m deep. Some of the buildings where carefully dismantled and reclaimed for reuse on another site.

The units marked for works were within a live industrial estate, and therefore extra care was taken in traffic management, noise control, noise pollution and air pollution. Excel were able to recycle 90% of materials removed from site.

Client: Fitzpatrick Construction

Location: Chelmsford

Project Value £150,000

Duration: 12 weeks

Phase 1: Demolition of existing Nightclub in Chelmsford City Centre, dismantling the back half of the building and providing a temporary carpark for residents whilst waiting for approval on Phase Two.

Phase 2: Demolition of the remainder of the building, retaining a basement and key features of brickwork according to listing stipulations

Client: Interserve

Location: Colchester

Project Value: 150k

Duration: 8 weeks

Featured in the ‘Mainstream’ Publication, works were part of the £25M development to create a new radiotherapy unit. All enabling works including site set up, hoarding, drainage etc. Installed service ducting for hospital services diversion, new link corridor slab, demolition of old link corridor and creating over 50 new permanent parking spaces around the hospital

Client: Interserve

Location: Cambridge

Project Value: 200k

Duration: 15 weeks

Excel carried out extensive strip out and structural alterations to Cambridge’s largest and busiest shopping centre. The works included day and night shifts to minimise disturbance to this live shopping centre. Works undertaken included demolition, drainage, RC works, new lift pits, major temporary support works. All works carried out within a 15 week period.

Excel Demolition & Groundworks Ltd worked with sister company Excel Waterproofing to provide the structural waterproofing to these newly formed lift pits. Incorporating it as part of the same package, to ease any project management overlap.

What Our Clients Say

I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into preparing and repainting the metal handrails in the garden centre. The building looks fantastic and is a wonderful source of support for the resident of Croydon to build confidences and celebrate the abilities of people with disabilities.

Croydon Council

Croydon Council

- Director of Operations

Factory HUB Company is professional, creative and concept from knowledgeable. Dwayne our designer was actual teachings the great explorer of the truth patient, know how to pursue pleasure accommodating and work.

City & Country

City & Country

- Managing Director

Having the enabling works within one package saved our team so much time – it left us to get on with the programme of works. The time saved actually saved us money on the budget.

Elmer Construction

Elmer Construction

- Managing Director

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