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Client: Ellmers Construction

Location: Biggleswade

Project Value: 400k

Duration: 12 weeks


Excel were instructed under Ellmers to complete the dismantling, soft strip and drainage works to units in a large, live industrial estate in Biggleswade.  Excel hoarded the designated areas and began works, first diverting the live water main and then carrying out the extensive soft strip over a 12 week period.

Excel then started the removal of 10 existing 1 – 4 story high steel frames with masonry infills, the areas covering 20,000m² in total.

The works included the removal of reinforced slabs and foundations up to 3m deep. Some of the buildings where carefully dismantled and reclaimed for reuse on another site.

The units marked for works were within a live industrial estate, and therefore extra care was taken in traffic management, noise control, noise pollution and air pollution. Excel were able to recycle 90% of materials removed from site.

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